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Hank Baskett Goes To FBI … The Transsexual Extorted Me!
Posted by TMZ

Kendra Wilkinson's husband Hank Baskett has gone to the FBI, claiming the transsexual who has blabbed to the media she had an affair with him illegally recorded and extorted him.Hank's camp tells TMZ ... he now acknowledges he "hung out with her."…

Ex-NBA Star Sidney Wicks — Sorry Laker Fans … It’s Over For Steve Nash
Posted by TMZ

Steve Nash's latest injury setback might be the death knell of his NBA career, so says former roudball stud Sidney Wicks who tells TMZ Sports it's OVER for the Lakers point guard.Wicks was at LAX when our camera guy asked him what every purple and…

Stephen Collins’ Wife — He’s Unemployable Because He’s a Pedophile!
Posted by TMZ

Stephen Collins' estranged wife is indignant he's bellyaching he can't get work because of that audiotape in which he confesses he sexually abused children ... Faye Grant says the real reason he can't get work is because he's a pedophile.Collins'…

TMZ’s Sexy Halloween Costume Contest — Trick-or-Treat!
Posted by TMZ

With Halloween just days away... get a little taste of what's to come by indulging in some of the stripped down snapshots in our Sexy Costume Contest! Be sure to check back on Monday to vote for which sexy snapshot should score the $250 prize and…

Bethenny Frankel’s Real Housewives Comeback Has Been In The Works For HOW LONG??!
Posted by Perez Hilton

She's bbbacccccckkk!

But don't get it twisted, Bethenny Frankel's return to Real Housewives Of New York was a LOT of work.

In fact, executive producer Andy Cohen admitted he's been seducing one of the most beloved Housewives to make a comeback since June!!!

Andy said:

"I think the timing was really right. I think one of the reasons she's so good as a Housewife is she's really an oxymoron. She's super tough but she's super vulnerable. It's kind of an amazing unique moment for her to rejoin the show. It really makes sense in a weird way. When I first started talking to her about it, it seemed kind of unbelievable. But the more we talked about it, it seemed totally right."

Of course it's right!

[ Photos: The Best Real Housewives Of All Time! ]

Bethenny marriage and talk show didn't necessarily pan out, but that's because gurlfriend BELONGS back in NYC with the rest of her reality TV ladies!

No doubt her reappearance will mark the reappearance of even more viewers!

Benedict Cumberbatch Imitating Beyoncé Is The BEST Thing You Will Watch All Day — Guaranteed!
Posted by Perez Hilton

No one can do Beyoncé quite like, well, Beyoncé...

But that doesn't stop other people from trying to imitate Queen Bey!

While chatting with Graham Norton, Benedict Cumberbatch decided to try his hand at pulling a Bey when comedienne Miranda Hart was discussing the 'ultimate pop star walk' aka her walk, and he didn't completely fail while doing it...

But he didn't really nail it either! LOLz.

[ Related: Benedict Cumberbatch In A Tight Grey Suit! Watch HERE! ]

We can all agree, however, that Benedict looked super adorable and HIGHlarious while doing it!

So, that's still a win, right?

Ch-ch-check out his take on the Beyoncé Crazy In Love walk (above)!!!

Bristol Palin’s Brother Sounds VERY Drunk (& Homophobic) As He Describes The Palin Family Brawl! Listen To CRAZY Extended Police Tapes HERE!
Posted by Perez Hilton

Jeez, too bad Jerry Springer isn't still on the air - the Palin family would have made for some AMAZING guests!

This week, Wasilla police released additional audio of the Palin family explaining their side of the trashy and bloody brawl which put the clan back into the national spotlight.

[ Related: New Audio Of The Fight That Involved Bristol & Sarah Palin! ]

In the CRAZY audio, Track Palin, Sarah Palin's oldest child, gives a drunken and homophobic laced interview to a very patient (god bless you, whoever you are) cop.

Track slurred:

"These girls, my sisters, these guys were talking shit to ‘em because they couldn't pick ‘em up or whatever…getting drunk, you know, whatever, having a good time. We're like no dude, f**k off…. we're walking away… we paid for this limo to wait here. I'll f**king beat you're a**!…"

Hmmm, this is a new and very interesting side to the story! Was the whole incident just a case of an older brother defending his little sisters?

The eldest Palin added:

"I've never met those guys. They were just hammered, talking shit because, like – and this is between us because, you know, my mom (Read more...)

30 Insanely Adorable Celebrity Babies To Ogle
Posted by Pink Is The New Blog

This is an odd thing to post, seeing as how my insanely adorable babies are spending the entire weekend away from me. On Thursday I was ready to get crunk with Crime Mob to celebrate my baby-free weekend, and now it’s Friday and I’m in that odd in-between stage where the kids just left, and [...]

Chris Evans, Miley Cyrus, Chrissy Teigen & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For October 24, 2014
Posted by Socialite Life

Celebrity Sightings: Friday, October 24, 2014
So many photos, so little time. We spotted tons of celebrities out and about and attending events. Chris Evans looks like he was posing at the Pro-Am conference in China. He’s so handsome. Miley Cyrus looked 100% ridiculous at the airport. Why Miley? Why?  And Chrissy Teigen looked 100% gorgeous last night at the FGI Night of [...]

Shirtless Men For Your Viewing Pleasure, More ‘Harry Potter’ Coming Your Way: Celeb News In Six Clicks
Posted by Socialite Life

Shirtless Man
The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click! — Hi Shirtless Man Friday, We Love You [The Berry] — Ooo! JK Rowling is Publishing a New Dolores Umbridge Story on Halloween [Lainey Gossip] — Watch Elders React to Nicki Minaj‘s “Anaconda” [Towleroad] — This Parks and Rec Wedding Will Give You Feelings [College Candy] — This [...]
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