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August Alsina — Scary Collapse on Stage in NYC (VIDEO)
Posted by TMZ

August Alsina fell unconscious right in the middle of his performance tonight in NYC ... and paramedics are on scene.BET's best new artist of the year appeared to collapse on stage during his gig at Irving Plaza in downtown Manhattan. August was…

Samsung Throws Some MASSIVE Shade At Apple With Their Newest Commercial! iPhone 6 Isn’t New, According To Them!
Posted by Perez Hilton

The battle rages on! 

Apple announced the newest addition to their fleet of phones, the iPhone 6 and 6 PLUS, and everyone in the world gasped collectively.

Well, everyone except for Samsung and their users, since they've had bigger screens since 2012.

So what does Samsung do? They make a brand new commercial for their Galaxy note 4 and decide to throw some massive shade at Apple. 

Because OBVIOUSLY! Ch-ch-check out the commercial (above)!!!

These Women’s Cycling Team Uniforms Don’t Exactly Photograph Well
Posted by Gossip Girl

These Women's Cycling Team Uniforms Don't Exactly Photograph Well

An unfortunately placed gold panel captured the imaginations of thousands of cycling enthusiasts this weekend when the Colombian women's team debuted their new team uniforms.


Another Saturday Night Live Shakeup! Find Out The Next Player To Get Axed From The Cast HERE!
Posted by Perez Hilton

Mike O'Brien? No, you're not taking him from us! 

In a sad bit of news, it was just announced that Studio 8H's resident goofball will no longer be a player in the cast of Saturday Night Live.

However, Mike will return to his writer duties and will be a scribe on the show once again! Phew!

Joining the cast is comedian Pete Davidson, and we're excited to see the talents this newcomer brings!

Smoking Is Cool Again In New York
Posted by Gossip Girl

Smoking Is Cool Again In New York

According to new data released this week, New Yorkers are back to smoking in record numbers.


Kim Kardashian Defends Kanye West After Video Of Yeezy Telling Wheelchair-Bound Concertgoers To Stand Up Emerges!
Posted by Perez Hilton

After a video surfaced of Kanye West stopping his concert in Sydney, Australia because two handicapped fans weren't standing, we were pretty shocked. 

However, there's at least one person who's not subscribing to the general widespread opinion of how the events of that night went down under. 

That's right, Kim Kardashian is apparently not buying the popular interpretation of what happened!

Along with posting a video of Yeezy performing down under, Kim also stood by her husband by issuing a defense of his actions in the video's caption:

What an amazing Australian tour! Its frustrating that something so awesome could be clouded by lies in the media. Kanye never asked anyone in a wheel chair to stand up & the audience videos show that. He asked for everyone to stand up & dance UNLESS they were in a wheel chair. #JustWantedEveryoneToHaveAFunNight #TheMediaTwistsThings

Hmmm. We're not sure the video evidence has Kanye granting exception to fans in wheelchairs, as she claimed.

We think the awkward nature of the video speaks for itself.

Was The Punisher Secretly Revealed In Captain America: The Winter Soldier?
Posted by Perez Hilton

The Punisher has been brought to the big screen three different times, and it's never quite worked out.

But now Marvel Studios has the rights back. And they can even make a tough-talking space raccoon work.

Are they already working on spoiling the vigilante? To celebrate the release of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu-Ray, directors Joe & Anthony Russo did a Q&A and signing last week where they implied the violent vigilante 

Light SPOILER ALERT for Winter Soldier ahead:

When Nick Fury is being chased by assassins dressed as police, he gets away when one of the squad cars gets smashed by a big yellow Penske moving truck.

Later, when Hydra double agent Sitwell is thrown from a car, he is hit by the SAME TRUCK!

Joe Russo teased that the driver might be more than just in the right place at the right time! He said:

"The man who drives that truck. Is very highly trained. He thinks on his own terms. He's got a plan and a very specific skill set."

We're not sure if he was joking or not, but now fans are speculating that this bad samaritan just might be Marvel's stone cold (Read more...)

Here Is a $900 Ticket for Lena Dunham’s Book Tour
Posted by Gossip Girl

Here Is a $900 Ticket for Lena Dunham’s Book Tour

Lena Dunham’s upcoming book tour, for her highly-anticipated memoir Not That Kind of Girl, quickly sold out in July. If you didn’t nab a ticket then, and have nearly a grand to spare, you’re in luck: One New Yorker is selling his or her general admission ticket to Dunham’s (Read more...)

Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Husband Opens Up About How Marrying Her Turned Him Into A Different Person & MORE! But Is That Shade Being Thrown?
Posted by Perez Hilton

We're surprised he's even ALLOWED to speak so candidly about this!

Remember back in 2001 when Jennifer Lopez was briefly married to her backup dancer?

Ya know, Cris Judd? The one she had a month-long engagement to? The same one she eventually divorced for Ben Affleck

Well, Cris opened up about what his life turned into after he married Jenny from the Block and it sounds like it was quite a shock for him!

He said: 

'You know it's very tough. Your privacy is breached. You're no longer a normal person. [Our wedding] was a circus. I think several people got arrested trying to climb up a mountain… trying to sneak in. We actually rented the airspace.

[It's] tough to be in that limelight. You kind of sign up for that, you know? You kind of have to take it and accept it and embrace it. Once you stop fighting it, it smoothes itself over. If you try to keep that privacy, it drives you nuts and that's why people break.'

Ugh! That actually sounds kind of terrible! Especially when it was something he was NOT used to at ALL! 

However, he does want the world to know that that was NOT (Read more...)

Adrian Peterson Accused of Abusing SECOND Son, Admits Via Text to Car "Whooping"
Posted by The Hollywood Gossip

Adrian Peterson has been accused of child abuse for the second time in less than a week.

According to a new report by KHOU, the Minnesota Vikings running back sent a different four-year old son back to his mother last June with a scar on his forehead.

The station says Peterson sent the mother a text message that claimed the toddler smacked his head on a car seat... but when the boy's mother pressed the issue, Peterson admitted to striking hitting the child.

Adrian Peterson at the Mic

This story is developing.

UPDATE: Sources tell TMZ that the the child accidentally hit his head on a car seat while being punished by Peterson, but Peterson did not directly hit the boy.

KHOU has uncovered the actual text messages sent between Peterson and this woman. They read:

Mother: "What happened to his head?"
Peterson: "Hit his head on the Carseat."
Mother: "How does that happen, he got a whoopin in the car."
Peterson: "Yep."
Mother: "Why?"
Peterson: "I felt so bad. But he did it his self."

In a subsequent text, Peterson told the mother that if the child had simply remained "still" and taken his "whooping," he would not have hit his head.

The Houston TV (Read more...)

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