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Newlyweds Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Have An INTENSE Conversation! Fill In The Blank!
Posted by Perez Hilton

What in the world are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt talking about?!

Last Wednesday, the newlyweds were spotted in what looks to be an intense conversation out on their hotel balcony in Australia.

Both Brad and Angie puffed away on cigarettes as they discussed something we suspect to be VERY important.

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Are talking about Jolie's possible future political career?

Thanksgiving plans?

Mr. and Mrs. Pitt were probably chatting about _________!

[Image via Ginsburg Spaly.]

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Hook Up For A Good Cause — But Does This Mean They’re Back Together??
Posted by Perez Hilton

Um, what is going on here?

We could've sworn these two were broken up due to her family! Guess you can't keep true love away for long!

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Kylie Jenner and Tyga were spotted helping out at the LA Mission's annual Thanksgiving for the Homeless early Wednesday morning!

While we totally commend the two for getting together for a good cause, we can't help but wonder why the reality starlet is back with the rapper after knowing her family's dislike for him.

[ Related: Kim Disapproves Of Kylie & Tyga's Relationship! ]

Maybe this is a move from Tyga to try and get back into Kim K's good graces, since she's the one who has a problem with him!

What is going on between these two?! It doesn't look like it's over at all.

The heart wants what it wants, ya'll! LOLz!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Want to Book Hillary Clinton? You’re Going to Need $300,000 and Hummus
Posted by Gossip Girl

Want to Book Hillary Clinton? You're Going to Need $300,000 and Hummus

The Washington Post got a copy of Hillary Clinton's contract for a recent speaking engagement at UCLA* through a creative FOIA request, and for a true boss lady, Clinton's backstage demands are surprisingly mundane.


Abigail Breslin Has One Message For 5SOS’ Michael Clifford — You Suck! Listen To Her Telling Lyrics HERE!
Posted by Perez Hilton

Ooh, girl. Drag. Him. Through. The. Mud.

Abigail Breslin has released some new music and she is pretty upset at the guy that screwed her over. So much that she wrote a song and basically dedicated it to him!

Word on the street is it's about Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer! But wait, wasn't she dating Jack Barakat from All Time Low not too long ago??

[ Related: Abigail Breslin Found Love In All Time Low's Jack Barakat! ]

Well, that's what we thought too, but the lyrics are pretty telling! At the beginning of the song she sings:

"I'm laughing 'cause I lied, you know/I said you sound like All Time Low, you really don't/Even though, you try hard."

The shade is so apparent. The actress-turned-singer wouldn't say Jack sounds like ATL if he's already the lead singer of the band!

Also, did anyone catch that Try Hard reference? It's one of the first songs 5SOS sang back before they became big boys!

The Ender's Game actress also makes a reference to bleached hair and hoping it falls out -- which is TOTALLY something the 5SOS fam jokes about since Mikey dyes his hair more than (Read more...)

Mom Accidentally Hires Cop Instead of Hit Man to Off Her Daughter’s Ex
Posted by Gossip Girl

Mom Accidentally Hires Cop Instead of Hit Man to Off Her Daughter's Ex

A Pennsylvania mom whose only crimes were caring too much and paying an undercover cop money to murder someone sadly will not be enjoying Thanksgiving at home this year.


Are We Getting Another Hunger Games Movie After Mockingjay Part 2!?
Posted by Perez Hilton

This better not be a joke!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 hasn't even been out for a week yet, but we are still itching for more.

The last part of the hit franchise's final chapter premieres next year, but that might not be the last we see of the capitol and all of the districts.

That's because, according to director Francis Lawrence, there have been some talks about extending the Hunger Games world into more movies!!!

That's literally the best news we've heard all day.

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While nothing is set in stone, Francis says people have been talking about doing more movies past the trilogy, but adds that the characters and story have to be as well-conceived as Suzanne Collins' originals are.

Mockingjay, as a book, is pretty final, so we aren't expecting any sequels. Put that doesn't leave prequels out of the question!

There are 74 other Hunger Games that we never got to read/see.

Can you imagine getting a movie about the 71st Hunger Games and getting to see just how Jena Malone's Johanna was able to survive!?

Please let this (Read more...)

Malia and Sasha Obama Are Over the Stupid White House Turkey Pardon
Posted by Gossip Girl

Malia and Sasha Obama Are Over the Stupid White House Turkey Pardon

Not even the pomp and ritual of the White House can overcome the most powerful force known to man: TEEN CONTEMPT.


Rick Ross — Jalen Rose’s $100k Bet Was a Joke
Posted by TMZ

Rick Ross says ex-NBA star Jalen Rose was full of crap when he said he'd take the rapper up on a $100,000 basketball bet -- claiming Jalen was "just bluffing." Ross put up the money up back in October ... saying he was willing to bet ANYONE…

Taylor Swift Named Joni Mitchell As Her Dream Duet, Right BEFORE The Music Legend Dissed The 1989 Singer’s Acting Skills! OUCH!
Posted by Perez Hilton

Talk about awkward timing!

On Sunday, it was revealed that music icon, Joni Mitchell, doesn't want Taylor Swift to play her in an upcoming biopic based on the book, Girls Like Us.

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Joni shot down the rumor in The Sunday Times, simply stating:

"I squelched that! I said to the producer, 'All you've got is a girl with high cheekbones.'"

Woah, talk about a MAJOR burn.

One, not only is Mitchell one of Tay's idols, but we'd strongly argue that the Bad Blood singer is more than just a pretty face. Have you checked out the sales for 1989 yet, Joni?!

To make this snub even worse, in the December issue of Southern Living, Tay revealed her dream duet would be with Joni (or Chris Martin), a hope which now seems to be dashed in light of the Big Yellow Taxi singer's recent comments.

When ask about a dream collaboration, the Nashville cutie exclaimed:

"Chris Martin or Joni Mitchell—but I think so highly of them, I'd never want to ask."

Aw, we really feel for Swifty in this situation (Read more...)

Jason Derulo’s Response To Jordin Sparks’ Song Dig? Showing Off His New Castle Digs!
Posted by Perez Hilton

Looks like Jason is Derulo...uh, the ruler of his own castle!

[ Photos: Celebs Who Lost Their Loves This Summer! ]

We reported earlier how Jordin Sparks turned up the heat on ex Jason Derulo in disses she placed in her new song How Bout Now, and we wondered how Jason would respond.

Well, it seems that Jason decided to take the high road by posting on Instagram about a very recent acquisition: his new home, which also happens to be a castle!

(Cue: Game of Thrones theme song.)

Along with this kingly photo, Jason posted this caption:

"I bought myself a castle 2day!! No big deal! A big thank u 2 the best realtor this industry has 2 offer @dzhomes#wewerestandingonsuitcasestotakethispic lol #crazylife #blessed #futurehistory"

Hmmm we guess he's not paying those lyrical disses any mind!

[Image via Jason Derulo/Instagram.]

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