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Chris Brown Neighbor: Trespass on My Property and YOU DIE!
Posted by The Hollywood Gossip

Chris Brown would be wise to heed this warning from one of his new neighbors in Agoura, Calif., because if he trespasses on the guy's property it's all over.

As in the neighbor says he won't hesitate to shoot the singer on sight.

Chris Brown: Unity!

Brown, who had a ton of issues with his neighbors in West Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills, is renting an 8,000-square foot, six-bedroom house in Agoura.

Plenty of room for partying with Kylie and Kendall Jenner and friends.

It's a pretty sick pad with a lot of space ... but he best stay on his own. Go ahead and throw ragers there - unlike Hollywood - and no one will object.

The neighbors' chief concern is Brown trespassing.

"It can be the devil," one says. "I can care less."

"I don't care if they're having orgies," he goes on. "It can even be Saddam Hussein for all I care, as long as he doesn't trespass onto my property."

"If he does, I shoot him."

At least he's up front.

Clubbing with Chris, Kylie and Jenner
What an adorable photo of Chris Brown. The singer poses here with Kylie Jennifer (Read more...)

Baby and Pit Bull Snuggle Up, Are Adorable Best Friends
Posted by The Hollywood Gossip

In February, we shared the story of Beau and Theo, a baby and a puppy who take naps together every single day.

Now, it's time to meet Eisleigh and Clyde, an eight-week old girl and 10-week old pit bull who are giving Beau and Theo a run for their adorable money.

These North Carolina residents belong to a 25-year old named Brandi Hodges and her fiancé, Madison Hatton, who have been sharing photos of the cute young pals on Instagram.

And melting the Internet into tiny little pieces with each and every one. Keep quiet to let these two nap and check out their precious pictures now:

Baby and Puppy Nap Time
Does it get any cuter than a baby and a puppy taking a nap together?

This isn't the only example of babies and puppies getting along, of course.

It's merely the latest.

Scroll through 11 examples of small humans and small dogs acting like close, cute pals below:

Dog Naps with Baby
This is Beau and this is Theo. They have napped together ever since Beau was a newborn.

Phaedra Parks: NOT Leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta! Already Filming New Season!
Posted by The Hollywood Gossip

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is not losing cast member Phaedra Parks. She is already filming episodes for the new season, according to multiple reports.

Phaedra and Apollo Photo

Rumors of Phaedra Parks leaving have run rampant in recent weeks, but she is not doing so, nor is she taking any leave of absence from the Bravo show.

Not only that, but her convicted felon husband - the Phaedra rumors began after a judge had Apollo Nida sentenced to prison - will be back on camera, too.

Well, at least until he ... you know.

Various sources have claimed Phaedra and Apollo are over - he insinuated as much recently - but whatever their status, they've been filming together.

Filming more than usual, no less.

In fact, the producers are reportedly trying to shoot as much of the two as possible before he begins serving his eight-year prison sentence for fraud.

There's a scheduling conflict for you.

Not shocking, the couple's storyline for next season centers on Apollo's conviction and the turmoil it's caused in their relationship. We can't imagine why.

According to TMZ, Phaedra may skip some filming to take care of personal and family business, but she's not leaving the show or (Read more...)

Georgia May Jagger on Favourite Designers & Her Off-Duty Summer Look
Posted by Girls Talkin Smack


British model Georgia May Jagger has spoken on picking her favourite fashion designer. She says that when it comes to accessories, she couldn’t pick just one because she has so many favourites and she especially loves different sunglasses designers. However, for clothing, her favourite has always been British designer Vivienne Westwood and it has been her “first choice” when it comes to fashion:

“Oh, that’s a tough question! For accessories, working with Sunglass Hut, I have access to so many great brands like Ray-Ban, Burberry, Persol, Prada… I can’t have a favourite; that’s like asking a mom who her favourite child is! Vivienne Westwood would be my first choice for clothing.”

Commenting on her off-duty summer style, Georgia likes to keep her look simple in shorts and a crop top, while she pays close attention to the fine details and likes to add a bright lipstick or a statement accessory:

“I would say my go-to look this summer is high-waisted shorts paired with a fun crop top, bright lips, strappy metallic sandals and round retro sunnies. This look makes me feel girly yet sexy at the same time. Plus, it’s perfect for day and night!”

The model believes round sunglasses suit her best, which she likes because she prefers oversized 70s pairs, as well as experimenting with different finishes:

“They are so ’70s and remind me of my mom’s old sunglasses I used to borrow. I also love the new materials that we are seeing throughout sunglasses for summer, such as leather, suede and wood accents. Mirrored lenses are also great and add a bit of mystery to your look.”


5 Stars From Famous Families on Gaining Their Own Recognition
Posted by Girls Talkin Smack

There has always been nepotism in Hollywood, but these 5 stars from famous families have done their best to avoid being seen as just another famous sibling or offspring, and have worked to make their careers stand out for what they’ve really achieved. Working hard to gain recognition for themselves, they’ve tried not to just use their famous name to get ahead and feel as though they’ve proven that they haven’t had it all just handed to them.

Elizabeth Olsen


Elizabeth wanted success on her own terms and didn’t lean on her famous sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley: “My parents made me write down a pros and cons list. And the cons just piled up. So I figured I’d keep acting as a hobby until I was older. Because I felt that pressure, and that people would say, ‘Oh, that’s nepotism.’ I decided that as long as I felt confident and worked hard for it, instead of having it handed to me, no one could take that away from me.”

Emma Roberts

Emma is from a famous family but says she has worked hard and been through rejection: “A lot of people think that and they talk about nepotism which I think is so ridiculous considering it’s obviously not true, because I’ve auditioned for so many things and never gotten the part. Also it’s like, you know, maybe someone can get you one part but they can’t really get you 10 parts.”

Kendall Jenner

Kendall says her famous name just made her work harder and in some instances, it was even a negative: “People think that this [success] just came to me. But it didn’t. What I have has almost worked against me. I had to work even harder to get where I wanted because people didn’t take me seriously as (Read more...)

Kandi Burruss’ Tour Demands — Don’t Even Think of KFC … I WANT POPEYES!
Posted by TMZ

Kandi Burruss' backstage demands are HILARIOUS ... whatever you do, don't screw with her Popeyes fried chicken!TMZ has obtained a copy of Burruss' contract rider ... listing her demands for the touring production of her musical show, "A Mother's…

Chris Brown’s Neighbor — Come on My Property, I’ll Shoot You
Posted by TMZ

Chris Brown may have new, more troubling neighbor issues ... we've found out he's moved deep into the San Fernando Valley, and one of his new neighbors is threatening lethal force if Chris steps onto his property.Real estate sources tell TMZ ...…

LeBron James — FIRST DAY ON MOVIE SET … In New Amy Schumer Flick
Posted by TMZ

LeBron James' movie career is officially underway ... with the NBA star roaming the NYC set of the new Judd Apatow flick he's filming with Amy Schumer ... and TMZ Sports has the footage. Back in May, Bron secured a cameo in the movie…

Yuma The Pig — Porkly Pig Scores Book Deal … But Must Lose Weight First
Posted by TMZ

"Young and the Restless" star Kevin Schmidt's famous pet -- Yuma the Pig -- has scored a children's book deal and will go on tour to promote it ... but he needs to drop a lot of sausage first.Yuma's a micro-pig -- which typically weigh 45 lbs…

Manchester United Star — Lil Wayne Is Good for Soccer
Posted by TMZ

Lil Wayne's decision to get into business with Cristiano Ronaldo "can't be a bad thing" ... so says Manchester United star Ashley Young. Young was out in D.C. with the rest of his Man U teammates when we asked how Ronaldo's decision to hook up…

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